Thursday, February 2, 2012

M&M Placement International Inc. (RECRUITMENT)

1931 Quirino ave. cor. Singalong St.Malate, manila, Philippines
TEL/FAX: 02-353-3598
POEA NO. 177-LB-091611-R

Special Recruitment Activity (SRA) Date:
MARCH 12-14, 2012

Venue for SRA:
2nd Floor, Building II, Public Market Complex,
Auditorium C, PESO OFFICE
Real Street, Dumaguete City

8:30AM to 4:00 PM

Foreign Principal:
1. Mowasalat Transport - Qatar
2. Movenpick tower @ Suites- Doha
3. Masouma Mouhktar Recruitment - Kuwait
4. Al Ghunaim Traiding Co. - Kuwait
5. Coast Hotels - Kuwait
6. MB Petroleum - Oman
7. Al Asala Recruitment - Oman
8. Mezzan Holding Co. - Kuwait

> Mechanical technician
> Mechanical Engineer
> Quality  Incharge
> Production in Charge
> DLE Operator
> Tetra Pak m/c setter operator
> Tetra Pak m/c helper
> Quality control
> Processing Operators
> Tetra Pak  Service Technician
> Security
> Storekeeper Raw Material
> Ammonia Cold Store Operator
> Ammonia Cold Store Technician
> Freon Cold Stores Technician
> Mechanical Engineer

Terms and Conditions(from JOB ORDER):
1. Two (2) years contract. No automatic renewal without verification of POLO.
2. Free food and accommodation
3. Free transportation from accommodation to site and return and accommodation.
4.  Free air ticket from point of origin to the site and upon completion of contract vice versa
5. Entry Visa Article 18 to be secured by the company. Cost of residency permit charged to employer.
6. Fees for Medical Insurance, Civil ID and Visa to be shouldered by the company
7. Worker recruited from the Philippines will be deployed to Iraq.
8. Considered as Monthly paid under Law 38 of Kuwait.
9. No Probationary Period.
10,. OFW should be in possession of passport all the time.
11. FRA/ Employer should cooperate in the settlement of disputes with the Labor Attahce.
12. This Job Order will not be approved of FRA/ Employer has a pending case.
13. Violation of any or all the above is a ground to blacklist the PRA and the Employer.
14. Other terms and condition not mentioned are in accordance with Kuwait Labor Law.
15. Each employment cover by individual written contract based on POEA format.

Location of Deployment: KUWAIT

> Soudronic Setter Operator
> Scamer setter Operator
> Labeling Operator
> Electrician
> mechanical Technician
> Forklift Operator
> Store Keeper spare parts
> Mixing Room Operator
> Store Keeper
> Blow Molding Setter Operator
> Blow Molding Operator
> Filler Setter Operator (Line 1)
> Fitter Setter Operator (Line 2)
> Cup M/C Setter Operator
> Cup M/C Operator
> Mechanical Technician
> Electrical Engineer
> Utility Technician
> Electromechanical Technician
> Printing Operator (Carton)
> Boiler Operator
> Corrugation machine Operator
>Floor Supervisor (with Corrugation Exp)
> Vinegar Setter Operator
> Production Supervisor
> Blow Molding Setter Operator
> Filler Operator
> Lable M/C Setter Operator
>Carton Machine Setter Operator
> Carton Machine Helper

Al Ghunaim Traiding Co. Ltd.

> 20-Food Server-145.5
> 10-Hostess-152.00
> 15-Barista-165.00
> 5Bartender-152.00

Terns and Condition(from JOB ORDER)
Duration of Contract: 2 years
Salary: as per stated above
Working hours: 8 hours a day, 5 days/ week
Overtime pay: as per Kuwait Labor Law
Food allowance: 15.00 KD
Accommodation: Company Provided
Round Trip Ticket: (place of origin to the jobsite) : Company Provided
Vacation Leave: 30 days paid leave per year
Medical Benefits: as per Kuwait Labor Law

MB Holding Company LLC
> Heavy Equipment Mechanic - $ 1000/-pm
> Plant Fitter - $ 1000/-pm
> DIesel Mechanic- $ 1000/-pm
> Drilling Maintenance Supervisor - $ 2000/-pm
>Senior Driller - $1500/-pm

Terms and Condition(from JOBORDER)
Duration of the contract: 2 years
Salary: as stated above
Working hours : 8 hours
Overtime pay:  As per policy of company
Food: Employee to arrange however, company will provide food when employee is on site.
Accommodation: to be arrange by employee
Round trip ticket (place of origin to the jobsite): Yes (once a year)
Leave: Yes, as per Job Level of employee and company policy.
Medical Benefits: as per Oman law
Other benefits: as per company policy

Note the following are the subdiary companies of MBI/holding:
1. MB Petroleum Services LLC
2. Petrogas LLC
3. United Engineering Services
4. Mawarid Mining

Movenpick tower @ Suites DOHA
> 40 Waiter and Waitresses- QR  1460
> 20 Receptionists - QR 1800
> 20 Housekeeping agents - QR 1400

Terms and Conditions:
Duration of the contract: 2 years
Salary: as stated above
Working hours: 9 hours / day (including one hour break, 6 days a week)
Overtime pay: As per (country )law
Food Allowance: FREE
Accommodation: FREE
Round trip Ticket (place of origin to the jobsite): Free evry 24 months and a return ticket if he stay more than 24 months
Vacation leave: 21 days paid leave per year
Medical Benefits: as per (Qatar) law


> 10 Male Cooks - Commis I & II
> 5 Female Cooks - Commis I & II
> 5 Male Engineering-Maintenance
> 10 Female Secretary
> 15 Female Waitress
> 10 Male Waiters
> 5 Male Front Office Receptionist
> 5 Female Front Office Receptionist
> 5 Male Spa Therapist
> 5 Female SPA Therapist
>5 Male Housekeeping Room Attendants
> 5 Female Housekeeping Room Attendants


Duration of the Contract: 2 years
Working Hours: 8 hours a day/ 6 days / week
Overtime pay: as per  (country) law
Food Allowance: (FREE)
Accommodation: (FREE)
Round Trip Ticket (plane of origin to the jobsite): (FREE)
Vacation Leave: (30 days paid leave per year)
Medical Benefits: as per Kuwait law
Other benefits: as per Kuwait law

Please submit your resume, Picture and other credentials needed on the day of the recruitment.



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