Tips for Applicants

Requirements in Applying Overseas and Local Job:

1. Resume

2. 2x2 Picture
3. Photocopy of Transcript of records or Diploma
4. Photocopy of Certificate of Training for Skilled workers
5. Photocopy of Employment Certificate
6. Photocopy of NBI Certificate (optional)
7. Photocopy of Passport (for Overseas applicant)

Tips to job applicants using
the internet in job search:

·      Read the entirety of the website. Examine whether 
the company name and profile appear believable. Check for
 its company profile or the “about us” page to see its office 
location and phone numbers.
·      Examine the website design plus all links and pages available. A legitimate company would not mind spending a large money 
to have a website designed beautifully as the same serves as 
the business’s window to the world.
·    Take note of the website’s invitations to send resumes 
and application papers through postal mail or drop boxes. 
Most legitimate websites would like you to fill up your resume online or send them through e-mail.
·      Take note of their offers. Most of them offer “too-good-to-be-true” salaries and other job perks including free accommodation and bonuses.
·     Use search engines (yahoo!, google, etc.) and look for the  company's name or topics similar to those discussed in the website you have visited.
·      Check the domain name of the website to secure additional information.
·      Report to the POEA or other law enforcement authorities any illegal recruitment activities conducted through the internet.

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