Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mitch International Recruitment Agency Inc.

JUNE 2 and 3- PESO Office
From 8-5
Domestic Helper for Hongkong
No. of Workers: 100
Proposed WagesL HK$3,580/ month


Welder : 6
Painter: 2
Press Machine operator : 2
Painter : 1
Steel man : 2
Painter : 2
Electro Plater : 3
Electro Plater : 2
Electro Plater : 2

Welder : 3
Painter : 6
Press Machine: 10
Press MAchine: 3
Reinforcing : 5
Carpenter: 3
Painter: 3
Reinforcing: 3
Press Machine : 3
Press Machine: 2
Welder: 3
Welder: 3
Welder: 3

Household Service Worker: 50
with 2 years experience
at least high school graduate
age: 23-40


200 Domestic Helpers

For more info please call the PESO Office Dumaguete 2263530
email us:
Kindly send your resume also or just submit personally Public Market Complex Building II Level II Dumaguete City



  1. Im Glenford D. Bernabe 42 years of age, good health and good moral character. I want to apply as Press Machine Operator bounding Japan. I work at South Korea as Press Machine Operator for 6 years. Im a hard working person, trustworthy can work with minimum supervision.
    Please contact me at my email account or to my mobile number +639283665965.
    Thank you and God bless.

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2012

    Im Brendo E.Cabije,37 yrs.old,married with sound of good health and hardworking person with good moral character and discipline.I would like to apply any works that suits my qualification.I worked before in Cebu Philippine in LEAR AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES.(Netherlands)B.V.Philippine operation branch for more than 6 yrs as material handler then after to Japan as skill rafter carpenter for more than 2 yrs then currently now in Doha state of Qatar at Aljaber Engineering group of Companies but my work contract will be end this coming November so i wont my time will be wasted after this so i want to apply another to consume time and for my family as will, i can work with less supervision though im only a high school graduate but i can work more than any university gradaute coz its not a matter of degree but the performance to do the job well.
    Please contact me at my email add or at my mobile phone number +97466746259 (qatar) then at +639266716370
    Thank you very much hope for your kind consideration because im doing this for my family...

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2012

    I have a brother who applied last march in this agency(Mitch International Recruitment agency).He already underwent medical,signed a contract,paid an amount of 75k pesos,PDOS.and others but until now there still no schedule of flight or an assurance of deployment and yet almost everything is done even paying.I hope concerned fellows in this agency will act on this matter ASAP.The very reason why millions of Filipinos sacrifice a lot leaving their family is because of their families future and most of them they barrow money in applying w/ interest.Sad to say agencies let them pay a huge amount and yet there is no assurance of employment and deployment the fact that this poor applicant's money is already used by the agencies to earned more,more,money.BE FAIR.

  4. I am Bonifacio Y. Patalinghug, 30 years old. I want to apply in a position of welder, I am a well organized person, physically fit, hardworking and willing work and to be part of your company. I can work with less supervision. In this regard hoping for your response. You may contact me in my email add. or in my cell number. 09434284795.

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