Thursday, March 24, 2011


Job Vacancies

Quality Engineers
- Preferbaly a Graduate of BSECEM, BSME or BSCOE
- Knows usage and application of statistical tools in a manufacturing industry based on principles of process control
- Can identify problems and solve for solutions with the use of 5 Why's
- With sufficient knowledge on Quality Control Process Manual and Working Standards
- Knows the different projection methods and able to design or draw based on the specified measurements

Process Engineers
- Preferably a Graduate of BSECE, BSME or BSCOE
- Familiar with the concepts of ISO Quality Management System as well as the use of Quality Control Process Manual and Working Standards
- Basic knowledge on Statistical Process Control and its application to a manufacturing trend and is innovative in providing ideas for process improvement

Design Engineers
- Graduate of BSME, BSEE or BSECE
- Has experience in mechanical designs using HICAD and Solidworks
-Could formulate, interpret and design schematic diagrams using PLC or PIC programs
- Knowledgeable on the usage and flow of different Process Capability Tools
-Exhibits reasoning and analytical skills in determining cycle time, ergonomics and safety

Facilities Engineers
- Preferably a graduate of BSME or BSEE
- Knowledgeable in operations or bunker-fueled generator sets and its auxiliaries
- Knowldegeable in preventive and predective maintenance for different kinds of mechanical facilitites
- Can interpret and analize electrical wiring diagrams from power sources down to consumers

Production Technicians
- A graduate of any 2-4 year Technology course (Electronics/ Electrical/ Mechanical Tech., etc.)
- With related experience is a plus
- Proficient in troubleshooting different kinds of machines
- With excellent oral and written communication skills
- Willing to work under pressure with less supervision
- Highly analytical


Company Name: Cebu Mitsumi Inc
Address: MRI0 Special Economics Zone Sabang, Danao City, Cebu 6004
SEC Registrations: January 6, 1989
Stock of Operation: February 1989
Stockholder: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd
President: Kazuie Hiroso
Special Executive Asst. to the Pres. : Ichizo Moribe & Nobuyuki Suzuki

General Manager: Yoshio Yamada
No. of Employees : February 2011-14,929
Products Manufactured: Audio HEads
Optical Pick-up Units
Camera Modules
Connectors & Wire Harness
Digital Data Streamer
Micro Motors
Chip-On-Board (IC Batery/ Production Module)
Sensor for Biometrics (SFB)
Monolithic Intergrated Cicuits (MIC)
Total MRI Land Area: 273, 294 sq.m.

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