Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FSL International Manpower and Promotion Services Inc.


300 FEMALE Staff Nurses
For MALE Nurses-Strictly ICU & OR Only

Employers Interview in Manila: 24 and 25 of January 2011
Singapore Nursing Board Exam: 26 January 2011

General Ward, Medical/ Surgical Ward, Emergency, OR, Ortho, ICU, MICU, SICU, Geriatrics, Hemodialysis, Rehab

-Must have three (3) years of experience as regular Staff Nurse in a 200 or more bed capacity hospital after PRC registration
-24-36 years old
-Minimum hospital experience gap from date of application: 6 months – 1 year only.
-At least 5 feet in height.
-BMI not more than 25 and with good physical condition.

Salary: S $ 1400-S $1500 per month (equivalent to P46,500-P49,000.00) / 2 years contract renewable with free housing accommodation, free duty meals, uniform/duty shoes and air ticket to Singapore.

-Resume with detailed Job Description
-BSN Diploma
-PRC License/ Board Certificate/ Board Rating Result
-Employment Certificate with area of exposure and bed capacity
-Colored passport size picture (6pcs) with white background

50 MALE and FEMALE Medical Officers for Singapore
Sing Health in-House Test at Heritage Hotel Manila on 27 and 28 of January 2011
Sing Health in-House Test at Marriott Hotel Cebu on 29 January 2011

And those who meet the Grade will be Interviewed.

(Accident and Emergency, Anesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care, Cardiology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Geriatric Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Pathology, Psychological Medicine, Radiology, Rehabilitation Medicine)
-At least 3 years of working experience as a medical Officer in the relevant discipline.
-Age below 40 years old
-Completed Residency Training in the relevant discipline will be advantage
-Ability to work independently with demonstrated competence in managing patients in the department
-Confident, takes initiatives and a good team player.

Please visit PESO office for more information or call us 226-3530, Monday to Friday. 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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